Quantum Computing
Research & Business-Oriented Projects
Quantum Machine Learning
Quantum Tomography
Quantum System Theory
Our clients and partners
We are the authors of the quantum technology development strategy in Russia
Quantum computing architectures we work with
Adiabatic quantum computers
Unique software emulator based on quantum-inspired algorithms
SimCIM — simulator of the coherent Ising machine
Classical combinatorial solvers
Developing a trapped ion quantum computer
Quantum computing offers enormous advantages in solving a wide range of research and business tasks
We already have cases in these directions
Financial sector
• Portfolio optimization.
• Risk models.
• Asset valuation.
• Investment strategies.
• Fraud detecting.
Quantum Chemistry
Chemical reaction modeling.
• Drugs discovery.
• Protein folding.

Reduce power consumption of mobile 5G networks.

Other industries with high potential for quantum computing
Material design
Studying the properties of complex quantum systems.
Big Data and AI
• Clustering and identifying data dependencies.
• Acceleration of training of neural networks.
• Image processing and recognition.
• Planning
• Dispatching and scheduling.
• Routing.
• Recommender systems based on demand and preferences.
• Optimization of the placement of goods in warehouses.
• Clustering and analysis of consumer profiles.
• Assessment of operational risks.
• Evaluation of options and warranties included in insurance products.
• Valuation of financial instruments.
• Modeling network structure.
• Optimization of resource usage.
• Load forecasting.
• Improving the efficiency of fertilizer production.
• Optimization of fertilizer usage.
• Ad scheduling.
• Maximizing the ROI of advertising channels.
Modeling the exact flow rate of liquids and gases in a changing environment.
• Improving climate forecasting technology.
• Natural disaster prevention and reduction.
Corporate governance
• Prediction of the behavior of the internal and external environment of the company.
• Modeling the characteristics of production facilities and processes.
Public administration
• Optimization of social security costs.
• Economic planning.
QML Team — is the Russian Quantum Center spin-off
We are engaged in both business-oriented and research projects in quantum computing:
• educational workshops for business,
• developing a strategy for applying quantum computing ,
• solving discrete optimization tasks using quantum computers and quantum-inspired algorithms,
• quantum machine learning,
• development of quantum-inspired simulators,
• development of a cloud quantum computing platform
• quantum tomography,
• theory of quantum systems,
and other projects
Reports at international scientific conferences
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