QBoard — Cloud-based Quantum Computing Platform
The cloud-based quantum computing platform provides a full cycle of solving research and business tasks for various industries on quantum computers. The QBoard platform provides a unified interface for access to quantum computers and quantum algorithms to accelerate optimization, big data processing, and benchmarking of advanced computing architectures.
Computing architecture selection interface
Benefits of using a cloud-based quantum computing platform QBoard
Reducing time spent on solving optimization problems.
A comprehensive research of the possibility of using quantum computing in big data and artificial intelligence tasks.
Assessment of the economic effect of introducing promising computational architectures in research and business projects of the company.
Speed up the digital transformation of the company using the latest computing technologies;
Quantum computing cloud-based platform architecture
Wide range of computing architectures:
- Adiabatic annilers (hardware quantum computers).
- Software annilers (software emulators of quantum computing).

Solutions of the Russian Quantum Center and third-party developers
Benchmarking tools:
- Qualitative comparison of algorithms.
- Performance metrics for specific tasks.
    Quantum applications for various industries:
    - Financial optimization
    - Quantum chemistry
    - Telecommunications
    - Bioinformatics
    and other applications
    Hyperparameters fine tuning
    Real-time problem solving status and error reporting
    Ability to add new servers upon request
    Algorithm benchmarking templates
    Unique computing technology inside

    SimCIM — Quantum-inspired software emulator based on Coherent Ising Machine Algorithm
    (unique product of QBoard team and the Russian Quantum Center)

    Who will benefit from the QBoard cloud quantum computing platform
    AI/Big Data specialists of the company
    University Research Teams

    How to access
    • via the public SDK,
    • via the web interface
    QBoard platform site: qboard.tech

    Contact us for request an access — mail.qml@rqc.ru

      The greatest computational advantage from using the QBoard platform will be obtained when solving optimization tasks
      We solve discrete optimization tasks — in that type of task, quantum computing can give significant advantages over traditional algorithms. In many industries, business is continuously faced with the need to solve optimization problems: finance, logistics, manufacturing, new materials, and medicines...

      Also we can solve tasks of Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Machine Learning.