SimCIM — Software emulator based on quantum-inspired algorithms
The simulator is a unique development of the Russian Quantum Center and the Quantum Computing Group.
This is how it works
The use of this emulator allows you to make an early assessment of the applicability and potential benefits of using a quantum computer, as well as to solve combinatorial problems that are inaccessible to traditional computational methods.
Due to the high degree of parallelism on GPUs, the efficiency of this simulator exceeds the dimensions of existing quantum computers and scales with the growth of infrastructure.
The emulator is based on the principle of software annealing — a simulation of the behavior of a coherent Ising machine.
    Annealing by simulating the coherent Ising machine

    E. S. Tiunov, A. E. Ulanov, A. I. Lvovsky
    25 January 2019

    How to access
    The simulator is accessed through our QBoard quantum computing platform (as part of research and business projects).

    QBoard platform site:
    Contact us for request an access —
      What types of tasks do we solve?
      We solve discrete optimization tasks — in that type of task, quantum computing can give significant advantages over traditional algorithms. In many industries, business is continuously faced with the need to solve optimization problems: finance, logistics, manufacturing, new materials, and medicines...

      Also we can solve tasks of Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Machine Learning.