Development of a quantum computing application strategy and technical expertise of investment projects
The main barriers on the way of integration of quantum computations are connected with the complexity of a choice of problems and methods of the decision
1. It is necessary to choose the right task for obtaining the maximum potential from quantum calculations.
2. Translate tasks into a language understandable to quantum and quantum-inspired computing infrastructures properly.
3. Quickly carry out the process of comparison on various computing infrastructures.
4. Need to Implement continuous seamless access to quantum computers to send tasks and obtain results.

The quantum computing strategy is designed to remove the first and most important barrier
Here are results you get
  • The need and potential use of quantum computing for business are assessed.
  • Priority tasks for solving using quantum computing are identified.
  • For each of the specific tasks, the technical requirements for optimal translation into quantum algorithms are formalized, calculation options are selected, and the time horizons for obtaining the result are determined.
  • A roadmap and shortest paths for implementing quantum computing into the business process have been formed.
  • Information about the current state of quantum technology and trends was transmitted with expert comments.
  • Information about industrial competitors and how they are using quantum computing was collected.

1. Text Document + Presentation (Optional)
Duration: 3 months
Languages: English + Russian (optional)
2. Educational Workshop
1 day, 2-4 hours.
On the territory of the customer or on the territory of the Russian Quantum Center.
Organization of recording or broadcasting is possible.