Educational workshops on quantum technology and quantum computing for business
Workshop duration: 1 day (3-6 hours)
Preparation: 2 weeks
Workshop program
30 min
30 min
  • Brief information about the Russian quantum center and the quantum computing group.
  • The program and goals of the workshop.
  • Organizational issues.
30 min
30 min
Introduction to quantum technology:
  • The main paradigms of quantum physics.
  • How does a quantum computer work.

Quantum computers and other computing architectures:
  • Current situation in science.
  • Use cases for business.
  • Technological and economic trends.
1 hour
1 hour
Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing:
  • Classification of computations methods.
  • Quantum and Quantum-inspired algorithms.
  • What are the advantages over traditional computations methodsю

Products and services of the Russian Quantum Center and the Quantum Computing Group:
  • Cloud Quantum Computing Platform
  • Software simulator based on quantum-inspired algorithms
  • A service for developing a strategy for applying quantum computing to solve a client's business tasks.

Analysis of typical cases (1 case based on client's choice):
  • Finance: Investment Portfolio Modeling and Risk Management.
  • New materials: Quantum chemistry.
  • Telecoms: Reduce power consumption of mobile 5G networks.
  • Biomed: Protein folding
30 min
30 min
Technical Demo
Demonstration of our solutions
1 hour
1 hour
A tour of the laboratories of the Russian Quantum Center
Visit from 2 to 4 laboratories (15 minutes for each laboratory).
Optionally, only during a workshop on the territory of the Russian Quantum Center.
1 hour
1 hour
Q&A Session

Workshop Details
Duration: 3-6 hours.
Group: up to 20 participants.
Speakers: 1-3 experts.

  • English.
  • Russian (optional).

  • At the territory of the Russian quantum center (conference hall).
  • At the territory of the client.
Necessary knowledge
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • The desire to understand the quantum computing.
Additional services
  • Record and / or broadcast.
  • Simultaneous translation.
  • Catering.
  • Program extension based on client's needs.